Black forest tart
Cooking technique
Put cherry jelly in the form of 10cm and leave to jelly. Then lay out biscuit ring
upon cherry and take it off. Put chestnut Chantilly in the same form and freeze,
put chocolate ganache upon it and freeze again. Collect cake parts in such
order bottomup (pie shell, cherry jelly, chestnut Chantilly, chocolate ganache, freeze-dried cherry, chocolate leaf).
Ready-to-cook cake with quinoa
Cooking technique
Whip yolk with tagatose, vegoil and boiled quinoa. Add rice flour and egg
white whipped with tagatose to received mass. Put the mass into the pans and
bake at a temperature of 170°C for 10 min.
Ready-to-cook whipped ganache of dark chocolate
Cooking technique
Put yota into milk, mix and bring to a boil, remove from fire, add chocolate
bits and mix carefully, then blend it. Put the cream into cooking bag or bag
with no air.
Ready-to-cook jellified cherry
Cooking technique
Cut in two and distribute cherries in pan of 10cm. Cover cherries with
jellified Chinese gelatin and juice with tagatose.
Ready-to-cook chestnut chantilly
Cooking technique
Blend milk + chestnut + tagatose and leave infusing. Put rice and almond flour
into received chestnut infusion and infuse it. Then add gelatin and place in
Ready-to-cook boil quinoa
Cooking technique
Boil quinoa until done.
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