Strawberry tart
Cooking technique
Put a soufflé with strawberry and basil coulis in the middle on crispy base.
Decorate with sublimated strawberries, wild strawberries, chocolate plates and
Chantilly cream.
Ready-to-cook strawberry and basil coulis
Cooking technique
Soak Chinese gelatin in water and warm it on the stove until swelling. Mix
warmed puree and gelatin and bring to a boil. Place cooled puree in
hemispheres to 1/3 immerse basilisk hemispheres in them, so that strawberry
puree covered basil one.
Ready-to-cook crispy almond base
Cooking technique
Melt chocolate and mix with almond flakes.
Put the mixture into the baking cup of 0.5 centimeters.
Ready-to-cook chocolate mousse of strawberry
Cooking technique
Melt chocolate mixture. Melt gelatin in tagatose and water syrup and add to
chocolate mass. Add strawberry puree, blend to a homogeneous condition and
divide between forms or baking cups.
Ready-to-cook chestnut chantilly
Cooking technique
Blend milk + chestnut + tagatose and leave infusing. Put rice and almond flour
into received chestnut infusion and infuse it. Then add gelatin and place in
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